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Fleur de sel: pyramid salt

Fleur de sel: pyramid salt

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You may have already come across the pyramid salt in our delicious rubs, and luckily you can also get this product separately! Below you will find more information about pyramid salt.

What is pyramid salt?

Fleur de Sel is also called "flower of salt". This delicate salt is only extracted on hot and windy days. It is scraped off the water surface as a thin layer by the salt collector with a wooden shovel. It is traditionally produced in small quantities on the coast of India. Partly due to the small-scale production, Fleur de Sel is therefore very exceptional and valuable! This means that you put very special dishes on the table with pyramid salt.

Pyramid salt gives a special taste experience

Pyramid salt contains pyramid shaped crystals with bright white color. Due to the pyramid structure, this salt is not only a feast for the eyes, but also gives a special taste experience. This is because the salt, as it were, melts away in the mouth. This gives every dish an ultimate taste sensation. It is a good alternative to normal table salt - but with a slightly different touch.

How do you use pyramid salt?

The delicious taste of pyramid salt is best expressed when you sprinkle it over your dish after cooking. For example, you can use it for a delicious piece of meat or fish. Also pastas and salads get a delicious taste boost from pyramid salt. Our ambassador London Loy (famous TV Chef) also uses pyramid salt a lot because of its refined taste. You can find his recipes here.

Order pyramid salt at Natural Spices

You can order pyramid salt at Natural Spices in a pot of 80 grams. Prefer a larger size? Please contact our customer service.

  • UsageAfhankelijk van toepassing; naar smaak.
  • Ingredientspiramidezout

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