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Julienne of vegetables

Julienne of vegetables

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Julienne vegetables as the basis for a successful soup

Julienne vegetables will help you a lot when it comes to preparing a tasty soup. Of course soup means a lot more than just vegetables, but with the right balanced mix you'll ensure a plate of warm happiness. This mix is also often used in the preparation of various sauces. The julienne vegetables which you can order online at Natural Spices are selected, washed and cut with the greatest care. The julienne vegetables are first stewed before they can be used as filling for soups. The julienne vegetables include green and white pieces of leek, white onions, toasted onions and carrot strips.

What does julienne mean?

The originally French name may sound a bit fancy, but julienne vegetables are nothing more than vegetables cut into thin strips. They are often no more than a few millimetres thick. Because of their shape, julienne vegetables are also called 'matches'. Other foods, such as meat, can also be cut using this technique. However, it is most often applied to vegetables. Cutting is always done with a razor-sharp knife. The vegetables are cut to equal lengths as far as possible

Online ordering, quickly in house

Julienne vegetables can be bought online at Natural Spices in a pack of two kilos. An excellent quantity to serve some of the most tasty soups. The mix will be delivered to you quickly. The exact amount needed to prepare a soup (or of course a sauce) depends on the recipe and your personal preference. The onion and leek included in this mix provide a portion of spice and aroma. The carrot is a somewhat sweeter addition to your soup or sauce. Together they provide a rich flavour and a full aroma.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy1248,83 kJ
Energy298,22 kcal
Fat2,9 gram
of which saturated fatty acids0,5 gram
Carbohydrates59,9 gram
of which sugars26,6 gram
Protein11,5 gram
Fibre23 gram
Salt0,2 gram
  • UsageDepending on application.
  • Ingredientscarrot, leek, onion
  • Country of originThe Netherlands

Prices industry & wholesale

For industrial companies / wholesalers we have a special priced section, minimum order amount EUR 1.000.

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