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Organic ground coriander

Organic ground coriander

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Organic ground coriander for curries, boemboes and more

Organic ground coriander may also be known under the name 'organic ketumbar'. It is the Indian name for the same spice, namely the seed of the coriander plant. It has a considerably milder flavour than the fresh and ground coriander leaves. You use the powder mainly for curries and boemboes. Organic ground coriander is also very suitable for many other dishes, both sweet and savoury. You can order coriander online from us in a package of 150 grams or 1 kilo.

Where does organic ground coriander come from?

Organic ground coriander comes from the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The ground coriander that you can buy online from us, is grown without use of pesticides in Hungary. Coriander is a plant from the umbellifer family.

The taste of organic ground coriander

Coriander, you love it or you hate it. Unlike coriander, opinions on other herbs are not so divided. At least when it comes to the leaves of this plant. It is believed that a specific genetic component is the cause for experiencing the taste of the leaves. On the other hand a majority of people do appreciate the warm, spicy and nutty taste of organic ground coriander (ketumbar). It has no similarities with lemon leaves. The ground seed is somewhat similar to caraway seeds. Because of its pronounced flavour, carefully add ketumbar to your dishes. The spice is generally only used in dishes of international origin.

How organic ground coriander stimulates your health

Organic ground coriander contains corianderol, which is used as a medicine in the Far East. Coriander works against bloating and promotes digestion. It also reduces gastrointestinal complaints. In addition, the use of coriander has a beneficial effect on the immune system.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy1545,22 kJ
Energy369 kcal
Fat17,8 gram
of which saturated fatty acids9,8 gram
Carbohydrates25,9 gram
of which sugars24,6 gram
Protein12,4 gram
Fibre29,1 gram
Salt0 gram
  • UsageDepending on application.
  • Ingredientscoriander bio
  • Country of originHungary

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