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Organic mustard seeds ground

Organic mustard seeds ground

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Organic mustard seeds ground: spice with undiscovered possibilities

Most of us think we use organic mustard seeds ground only because of the mustard. But nothing could be further from the truth! Although the seeds are famous for the mustard, the ground seeds of the mustard plant can be used in many more ways. Their spicy, pungent flavour is a delicious addition to all kinds of dishes. The mustard seeds come from the yellow mustard seeds and you can order it online from us. These have a milder flavour than the brown and black seeds, which can also be used in the kitchen. You can buy organic mustard seeds ground online from us in a package of 150 grams, 1 kilo or 20 kilos.

How does mustard seed grow?

Organic mustard seeds ground are extracted from the mustard plant. The plant grows in three different continents: Europe, Asia and the north of Africa. The seed boxes of the plant resemble small pods and each contain 4 to 8 seeds. Mustard seed is good for your health and the fact that the mustard plants have been grown organically makes them even healthier and more responsible. No chemical pesticides were used during the growing process.

How do you use organic mustard seeds ground?

The yellow mustard seed is the mildest variant of the three existing colours, but still has a sharp taste. The taste can best be described as spicy with a hint of sweetness. In unprocessed form, mustard seed has hardly any flavour. The flavour is only developed when the seeds are crushed and mixed with water. Organic mustard seeds ground is mainly used in European cuisine, where the dishes are usually not too spicy. The more spicy varieties are mainly used in oriental cuisine. Organic mustard seeds ground is ideal for use in homemade herb blends, such as curry or cajun herbs. This tastes delicious in combination with peppers and paprika.

Organic mustard seeds ground and your health

As with most herbs and spices, organic mustard seeds ground have some very advantageous properties. For example, it contains large doses of calcium, iron and magnesium. And the vitamins are also well represented. Vitamins A, B, C, E and K are present in these mustard seeds. In addition, the seeds contain high percentage of omega 3 fats.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy2127,3 kJ
Energy508 kcal
Fat36,2 gram
of which saturated fatty acids2 gram
Carbohydrates28,1 gram
of which sugars6,8 gram
Protein26,1 gram
Fibre12,2 gram
Salt0 gram
  • UsageDepending on application.
  • Ingredientsmustard bio
  • Country of originEU

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