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Organic paprika powder

Organic paprika powder

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Main player in Spanish cuisine: Organic paprika powder

The organic paprika powder that you can order online from us comes straight from sun-drenched Spain. It is the milder tasting member of the chilli family. Pepper actually means 'sweet pepper'. Although organic paprika powder might taste sweet to Spaniards, we prefer to define it as mildly sweet and very slightly spicy. In that respect, it has a much less pronounced flavour than cayenne pepper and chilli powder, which sometimes seem able to set you on fire. You can order the paprika powder online from us in a one-kilo package.

How do you use organic paprika powder?

Thanks to the fact that organic paprika powder does not have a very pronounced taste and can be defined as slightly sweet and slightly spicy, you can use it in many ways. Organic paprika powder can be added to many meat dishes and stews. In some dishes it is even indispensable. Think for example of the Hungarian goulash. And if you cook Mexican, you can't ignore it as well. You can also use the powder as decoration because of its warm colour.

Organic paprika powder: only Southern European sun

The pronounced taste that you give to your dishes with organic paprika powder is due to the fact that the paprika has enjoyed the Southern European sun during its lifetime. Without artificial substances such as pesticides. This gives the healthy sweet pepper and its powder a full and rich flavour. By the way, the paprika powder does not come from the block peppers as we mainly know them here. They come from specially selected pointed peppers. These, too, are related to the chilli pepper, but have a milder taste.

The healthy properties of organic paprika powder

Organic paprika powder can be called a real powerhouse. 100 grams of sweet peppers contain 100% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin A and even more than 200% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C. Sweet peppers also contain a lot of fibre, minerals and proteins and act as a real antioxidant. The organic paprika powder that you can order online from us contain all of these benefits.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy1494,97 kJ
Energy357 kcal
Fat13 gram
of which saturated fatty acids2,1 gram
Carbohydrates34,9 gram
of which sugars33,2 gram
Protein14,8 gram
Fibre20,9 gram
Salt0 gram
  • UsageDepending on application.
  • Ingredientspaprika bio
  • Country of originSpain

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