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Whole star aniseed

Illicium verum

Whole star aniseed

Illicium verum

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Whole star aniseed, Oriental spice with a characteristic sweet character

Whole star aniseed is a spice with such a characteristic flavour that it can be compared to few other spices. It has a strong aniseed smell because its essential oil contains large quantities of anethole. The warm, deep smell suits many sweet dishes. It is also very suitable for savoury meals. Especially in oriental cuisine. Not so strange, because that is where its origin lies. The spice is also part of the Chinese five-spice powder. You can also taste the spice in traditionally prepared stews and mulled wine. Whole star aniseed can be ordered quickly and easily online at Natural Spices.

What is whole star aniseed?

Whole star aniseed is the fruit of a tree that has its origin in Asia. The tree belongs to the Magnolia family. Its fruits are hidden in the yellow flowers that bloom on the tree. They are picked before they are ripe, so that the seeds are still in the fruits. Whole star aniseed owes its name to its shape, a star with eight points. The spicy aroma is found in the skin of the fruit.

The difference between whole star aniseed and anise seed

Even though they are very similar in taste and name, whole star aniseed and anise seed are two completely different spices. Anise seed does not come from a tree, but from a plant. Just like star aniseed, the seed has a taste that strongly resembles liquorice root, but is also associated by many people with the scent of hay. This is a distinctly different taste and smell from star aniseed, the taste of which is clearly more dominated by the anise. Note that there is also a so-called 'Japanese star aniseed'. This variant is very poisonous and should not be eaten at all.

How do you use star aniseed whole?

In most cases you add whole star aniseed to a dish. In only a few cases do you want to use the powder of the fruit, which is difficult to obtain because star anise is not easy to pulverise. The spice combines well with various types of meat, especially pork. Also in a stew with fish or together with rhubarb the spice has a special effect. It adds its strong, characteristic flavour and at the same time manages to bring out the flavour of the main ingredient even more. Of course you can also use the spice to make tea.

Why is star aniseed so healthy

Whole star aniseed has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as an antiviral for centuries. In the meantime it has also been shown to work well against bacteria and fungal diseases. Apart from that it functions as an antioxidant too. It stimulates digestion and prevents stomach cramps. Enough reasons, therefore, to order the spice online not only as a flavouring, but also as a natural medicine.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy kJ
Energy kcal
Fat gram
of which saturated fatty acids gram
Carbohydrates gram
of which sugars gram
Protein gram
Fibre gram
Salt gram
  • UsageDepending on application.
  • Ingredientsstar-anise
  • Country of originChina

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