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2020-10-30 09:59:13

"I want to eat better, but aarghhh where do I start !?" A frequently asked question when most of us are talking about food. We are busy and unhealthy products are everywhere. At the end of the day, convenience wins over healthy. But no longer with our new kitchen spices! And in addition to the fact that they are healthy, the kitchen spices are also sustainably packaged. In this blog you can read more about the tasty, healthy and sustainable kitchen spices. And... at the end of this blog you will find very cool news!



First of all: which new kitchen spices have we actually added to our product range? It concerns twelve kitchen spices, each of which gives a unique flavor to a specific dish. With the Habibi Veggie spices for vegetables you give 'boring' vegetables a surprising twist. Give the potato a new life with Pablo's Potato potato spices. Hurry Curry contains all the essential curry spices and ensures that you can make a delicious curry without too much hassle. With Skinny Vanilly and Smoothie Operator you create the most delicious breakfasts with, for example, oatmeal, yogurt or a smoothie. With "Holy Guacamole" avocado spices, "Mamma Mia" pasta and pizza spices and "Sirtaki Mix" spices for salads, you can add a delicious twist to dips, sauces and dressings. Our "Rosemary's Chicken" chicken spices rub, the dry rub for pork "Porky's Rub" and the beef rub "BBQ Beef Chief" enhance the flavor of a simple piece of meat. And you can transform your piece of fish into a true taste sensation with Vis-a-vis fish spices.



Did you know that the kitchen spices are healthy? Many regular spice mixes unfortunately still contain too much added salt and sugar. We want to make a difference. Our kitchen spices contain 100% natural spices and less salt and sugar than regular spice mixes. In fact, a large part of the spices contain no added sugars and salt at all. And the taste? We dare to say that the taste is even better due to the consciously selected ingredients.


Do you also hate all plastic packaging in the supermarket? You are doing a good job for our environment with our kitchen spices. All our kitchen spices are sustainably packaged, by using paper and cork. So you are not only doing good for yourself, but also for the environment!



Especially in times of corona, health is number one. And our kitchen spices are definitely healthy. In addition to health, cooking at home has also become extra important. Due to the corona crisis, we (unfortunately) cannot dining out, but luckily we can show you that you can create the most delicious dishes yourself. Whether you like to spend hours in the kitchen or prefer to put a quick meal on the table - everyone can get started with the kitchen spices. And your ride to the supermarket? That is no longer necessary!



In one click you order the Complete Box with a total set of kitchen spices. Prefer a smaller box? Then choose the Essential Box, after which you can put a lot of tasty dishes on the table with all the basics. Vegetarian? Then the Veggie Box is definitely something for you! And your breakfast in the morning? You make thatwith the Breakfast Box!



Due to the great success of our latest spice mixes for at home, we are fully engaged in the development of even more mixes. So keep an eye on our webshop and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter ...

Do you have a great idea for a kitchen spice? Send your idea to [email protected] and who knows, you might see your kitchen spice in the webshop soon!