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Dehydrated vegetables are more popular today than ever. Although in the past it was often thought that they have a much lower nutritional value than their fresh counterparts, nowadays the opposite has been proven. Dehydrated vegetables turn out to be very healthy. You can use them for all kinds of meals: vegetable soup, pea soup, fried rice, noodles, meat dishes and stews to name just a few examples. The big advantage is also that the vegetables have a much longer shelf life. At Natural Spices you can order a wide variety and also different vegetable mixes online.

Dehydrated vegetables


Because dried vegetables taste a lot more intense than fresh ones, you use considerably less of them during cooking. While the ratio may vary slightly for each type of vegetable, the general rule of thumb is to maintain a quarter of the weight you would normally use in fresh vegetables. So, if a recipe states that you need 200 grams, this means in practice that you only need to add 50 grams to dried vegetables. In some recipes these need to be forcibly used before using them. You do this in cold or lukewarm water. In most cases, five minutes is sufficient. Then you can bake them.


Food drying has a negligible effect on nutritional value. Since drying can already take place at a relatively low temperature, few vitamins are lost. This in contrast to techniques such as canning and freezing. In addition to vitamins, the amounts of minerals and fiber in dried vegetables also remain almost completely intact. Some vegetables seem to taste a bit sweeter after drying. This is the case, for example, with the onion and is caused by the withdrawal of water. However, this only slightly changes the taste and the amount of carbohydrates and calories remains the same. At Natural Spices you can buy almost every conceivable vegetable online.