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Raw materials

Natural Spices inspects the quality at source; the raw materials that we buy from all over the world. We make high demands of our suppliers and our employees in order to conduct strict quality audits. By consistently pursuing this policy we succeed in encouraging our suppliers to maintain a constant high quality standard.


RiskPlazaRiskPlaza is a system for guaranteeing the foodsafety of ingredients. The RiskPlaza database contains information about food safety hazards of ingredients and possible measures to control those hazards. Natural Spices is RiskPlaza audit+, which focuses on the assessment by an independent certification body on the full and demonstrable control of the dangers of ingredients.
From the role of monitoring the safety of food, the NVWA is closely involved with RiskPlaza. The RiskPlaza Audit + system was developed in cooperation with the NVWA. According to NVWA, RiskPlaza is a good tool in identifying the possible dangers of ingredients. By using RiskPlaza a company can demonstrate that it is aware of the potential hazards of the ingredients used. RiskPlaza is a NVWA approved self-control system.
Riskplaza-audit+ has been developed to concretely implement the legislative framework regarding verification. Natural Spices has successfully completed RiskPlaza + Audit, therefore customers of those raw materials do no longer have to carry out the purchasing verification. If customers want to test raw materials on other values than contained by the RiskPlaza database, than these costst will have to be paid by the customer itself.

Production Processes

FSSC 22000 Natural Spices invests in resources and people to monitor and secure the quality during the entire production process. Each year various inspections take place by third parties; the authorities, buyers and certification institutions.

Natural Spices has a FSSC 22000:2011 Certificate. The Food Safety Management Foundation (SCV) has developed the FSSC 22000 standard and this is the first global standard for the food industry. This standard was approved by the GFSI and offers the opportunity to achieve an international harmonisation. FSSC 22000 is a complete certification scheme for a food safety management system based on ISO 22000 in combination with PAS 220.
Download the FSSC certificate in PDF

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Organic is the best way to produce tasty and various foods with a respect for nature and without chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Furthermore, applications of genetically modified organisms are not permitted. European legislation dictates that a plant, animal or product can only be marketed as "organic" if it originates from certified and organic production.


SKAL SKAL is a supervisory body committed to the demonstrable reliability of organic products in the Netherlands. An agricultural product or food can only be named organic if the production process meets certain legal requirements. European government dictates the rules and almost 3,300 certified organic entrepreneurs adhere to these rules with Skal fulfilling a controlling function. In this way the consumer can be certain that an organic product is indeed an organic product.

Natural Spices and Skal

Natural Spices BV. has a Skal certificate for the organic preparation and packaging of a number of single herbs and spices, spice mixes, sauces and marinades. We can also develop and produce customer-specific organic spice mixes, sauces and marinades on request.

You can open PDF files with Adobe Reader which you can download here for free.
Natural Spices is Halal certified. This means that both the raw materials and the production process meet all Halal requirements.
We can therefore supply a large part of our range Halal.
Of course you can also contact us to develop your own product, fully Halal.